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Historical Fiction Cereal Blox book reports are due April 30th.

Teaching students to research for information can be overwhelming but Ivy Seach Engine for kids is a great way to find information without using google search.

A Few Guidlines for Using the Wiki

1. We do not share usernames or passwords.

2. Only appropriate postings will be allowed on the site.

3. We are all supportive of each other's postings.

Fifth Grade Curriculum

In fifth grade we use a workshop model to teach reading and writing.

What is the Workshop Model?

The workshop model is a framework for instruction and learning that consists of an opening meeting, work time, and a closing meeting. In the opening meeting, the teacher focuses on strategies, skills, and routines taught through mini-lessons. During the work time, students work at their level practicing and reinforcing the concepts taught in the mini-lesson. There may be small group and individual activities at this time. During the closing meeting, the class reconvenes and reviews, reflects, and celebrates the learning of the day. Students read daily and work with others to explore both fiction and non-fiction in a variety of ways. As in Reader's Workshop, Writer's Workshop is built on the interaction between reading and writing. During Writer's Workshop, students learn about the techniques that authors use to make writing effective. Skills BlockDirect instruction and practice in grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and study skills.

We will continue to use the district math curriculum called Everyday Mathematics. It focuses on problem-solving in everyday situations, frequent practice of basic skills, and revisiting concepts regularly. Your child will have two math books. The first is a Student Reference Book that will give information about math topics. This book will help your child answer questions on the homework. The second book will be a student journal that provides problems for daily practice.
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Social Studies
The fifth grade teachers will be trading classed for social studies. The time line is from the 1400's-1800's. The basic themes are as follows: Introduction to History, the America's before 1492, Age of European Exploration, Colonization to Colonial America, Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and Labor, American Revolution and the Constitution. Students will also be learning about how our government was constructed and operates. In addition, students will be learning the geography of the United States by studying regions.
Homework Guidelines

It is recommended that students in grade 5 be responsible for about 30- 45 minutes of homework each night. Actual length depends on many factors but we attempt to have a short math assignment for homework each night and the rest of time should be spent silent reading. We intentionally keep the homework within those areas on most days to be consistent. Communicating with parents at conference time helps us and students adapt to the homework expectations that are appropriate.

Fifth Grade Writing StandardsNarrative Writing: (Short Story Fiction)-Engages the reader by establishing a context, creating a persona, and otherwise developing reader interest;-Establishes a situation, plot, point of view, setting, and conflict.-Creates an organizing structure.-Include sensory details and concrete language to develop plot and character.-Excludes extraneous details and inconsistencies.-Develops complex characters.-Uses a range of appropriate strategies, such as dialogue and tension or suspense.-Provides a sense of closure to the writing.Nonfiction Writing: (How to Procedures, Feature Article, Friday Letters)-Engages the reader by developing reader interest.-Develops a main idea that conveys a perspective on the subject.-Creates an organizing structure appropriate to the purpose, audience, and context.-Includes appropriate facts and details.-Excludes extraneous information.-Uses a range of strategies, such as providing facts and details, describing or analyzing the subject, and narrating a relevant anecdote.-Provides a sense of closure to the writing.Research: (History Reports)-Locates and keeps notes on the information in various reference materials, including electronic and print.-Formulates research questions and collects relevant information.-Defines plagiarism and avoids its use.
Essay writing
Personal essay, Literary essay and Memoir writing


Conventions, Grammar, and Usage of the English Language:-Demonstrates a basic understanding of the rules of the English language in written and oral work.-Selects the structures and features of language appropriate to the purpose, audience, and context of the work.-Demonstrates control of grammar, paragraph structure, punctuation, sentence construction, spelling, and usage.-Analyzes and revises work to clarify it or make it more effective