Make sure you go to your file name and complete the book report comprehension questions.

January Book Report
Due: January 23, 2012

Choose a favorite Battle Book (or other fiction book) to read or re-read and get teacher approval of your book choice. Book choices must be turned in to your teacher by Friday, January 6.

You will use the same Book Report Pattern Sheet to write the written portion of the book report. You may want to take notes as you read. Remember to focus on setting, characters, and important events. You will use your summarizing skills to write your book report.

You will create an advertisement for your book. You will have a choice:
1) Create a video trailer for your book (will give examples from Mrs. Bell in January) OR
2) You can make a poster. Either use Glogster or create a poster on 11 X 17 white paper from your teacher.

Your advertisement must include:
  • Title/Author/Genre
  • Illustrations – perhaps your favorite scene, character, etc.
  • Words and phrases to highlight your story and entice someone to read the book
  • Your poster should be visually attractive (colorful), neat, with proper conventions

Written Report:
Follow the pattern on the back of this assignment sheet to write a four paragraph book report.

You will be assessed on how you well you follow the directions of the project, the neatness and creativity of the presentation, and the proper use of conventions.

Chloe B.
Petra C.__
Giorgia D.__
__Caroline E.__
__Sam F.__
Caden F.
__Olivia F.__
__Jacob G__.
Bella G.
__Lily G.__
__Nico H.__
__Will M.__
__Madeline M.__
__Reed M__
__Lena R.__
__Parker R.__
__John S.__
__Sophia S.__
__Abbey S.__
__Sophia T.__
__Garrett V.__
Kenny W.